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What We Do

Anecka was started four years ago to help regular business owners and startup founders make their product ideas a reality.

Lots of firms can develop software if given a fixed set of requirements. Anecka excels when there isn't a clear set of requirements. We listen to the customer and pay attention to the market the customer is in, then build in small quick iterations a product that fits the customer's goals.

We Believe in This:

Clients Rock

Our client partners are smart, savvy, and serious. They're startup founders, agency directors, and business owners who know a lot about their market.

We Get Things Done

We're a full-time firm with design, development, support and project management. We return emails, calls and build things that look great, work smart and last with little maintenance cost.

Geek Fu

We build projects in a wide variety of tech: ExpressionEngine®, Craft CMS, jQuery, PHP, Laravel, Ruby on Rails to name a few.

Our Clients

What they're saying:

Anecka was both effective at identifying and achieving the goals we had for the MVP of our web product. We were on the same page about the build and felt they had solid grasp of our concept and how it would be created. [Anecka] got us off the ground and able to take in more money from our customers. The site does what it needs to do for our business to grow.

David Sherry

Co-founder @ Death to the Stock Photo

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