Case Study: Death to the Stock Photo


Take lessons learned from the client's first MVP and build a subscription membership site for high quality photography

Technologies Used




Death to the Stock Photo is an excellent membership site for members to get high quality photo packs around a theme based in our hometown of Columbus, Ohio. The client had a very successful MVP using a variety of technologies that didn't require a lot of software development (MailChimp, Gumroad, etc) which allowed them to grow to 200 members a month. 

With the client we identified the following goals for the new project:

  • Allow users to quickly view & download photo sets
  • Minimal design that should make the photography the focus 
  • Switch to Stripe for payment processing (lower cost that Gumroad)
  • Ability to transfer accounts from Gumroad to the new membership site
  • Allow DTTSP admins to quickly upload large sets of high resolution photos (8 Mb per photo or more!)

For this project, we chose Ruby on Rails as the platform due to the mature set of components that make it easy to work with large file sets, stripe, and membership roles. 

We met weekly with the client and delivered working milestones to get feedback on features and updates as we built the product. This allowed us to stay in sync with the client's needs and stay aware of changes in their strategy and priority. In one month we had a product ready for final approval. In two weeks after that the new Death to the Stock Photo was launched.

Since launching the client's membership rates have climbed steady and their goal is to reach one thousand active subscriptions a month by the end of the summer.

David Sherry


What They're Saying

Anecka was both effective at identifying and achieving the goals we had for the MVP of our web product. We were on the same page about the build and felt they had solid grasp of our concept and how it would be created. [Anecka] got us off the ground and able to take in more money from our customers. The site does what it needs to do for our business to grow.

Finished Product

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